Saturday, April 14, 2012

Boston Modernism

“Boston Modernism is a website that showcases the work of Northeastern Cinema Studies majors as they respond to the historic modernist movements within the context of Boston’s urban environment.”

It focusses on various art movements and reflects on how Boston’s urban environment can be viewed through different lenses. For example, here is a narrative on Boston Noir.

“Some of the stylistic traits of film noir came from German Expressionism when German filmmakers were exiled to the United States. Filmmakers like Fritz Lang were drawn to the seedy underbelly of urban life. Other influences were the dreamlike atmosphere of French surrealist film and the pared-down post-war style known as Italian neorealism. Some recurrent themes of noir include gangsters, detectives, and the “femme fatale.” The natural settings of dark alleyways, smoky bars, and poorly lit streets with steam rising from manholes are the signature locations of noir. On a casual late-night stroll through Boston, one can’t help but feel drawn into the noir existence.”

Video on Frank Gehry in Boston

Reference: Boston Modernism

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